Kwesta. Picture: Instagram
Kwesta. Picture: Instagram

Kwesta admits to owing royalties to artists from his 'DaKAR II' album

By Kedibone Modise Time of article published May 6, 2021

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Kwesta has admitted to not paying royalties to the artists featured in his third studio album “DaKARII”.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, award-winning hip hop star Kwesta admitted that he has not paid what’s due to some of the contributors of his hit single “Ngud” from his 2016 album “DaKARII”.

The heated social media conversation started when DJ Maphorisa took to his Instagram Live on Wednesday, to spill the tea on what transpired eight years ago, after producing the multi-platinum selling single.

During the chat on IG the “Lorch” hitmaker told his fans that after working with Kwesta on the “Ngud” project, he never received a single cent from him.

“When someone does something good for you, you have to acknowledge them ... show them that you appreciate them,” said Maphorisa in the video that went viral.

“After ’Ngud’ came out things changed, Kwesta changes.

“After he made all these millions, why didn’t he come back to me and say ‘Grootman, here’s R20 000 or something, like a token of appreciation ... to appreciate that you have produced ’Ngud’ for me, it changed my life.”

Watch the video clip below:

It was long after the video emerged on Twitter that Maphorisa set the record straight, claiming that despite his previous claims that Kwesta still owes him, there is no beef between them.

“I'm not at war, grootman,” Maphorisa said to Kwesta.

To which Kwesta responded and said, “No worries bro.” ( dawg.”

In response to Maphorisa’s allegations, Kwesta went on to make Twitter thread starting with how he together with Nota Baloyi and Leroy Khoza started RapLyf Records in 2013, “

“I have never been here before ... I never thought in a million years that I would be. Leroy, @AuthorityNOTA and myself started thing in 2013 based solely on trust,” tweeted Kwesta.

He continued: “Leroy handled the finances, Nota was the music executive and I, as Kwesta, was the catalyst to source funds through performances, endorsements.”

“When funds were mismanaged and artists/producers complained about splits, I always referred them back to Nota and Leroy as this is what they handled.

“Many times Nota came and said funds were being mismanaged and many times, artists/producers complained about how they were represented in split sheets. My lack of action towards this is partly why we are here today.”

He added that in 2020 Sony paid out sales royalties for “DaKAR II”, also acknowledging that he still owes money to certain artists that that contributed to the project.

“I say that because I may owe some royalties to artists featured on ’DaKAR II’,” admitted Kwesta.

See the full thread below:

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