Stino Le Thwenny. Picture: Supplied
Stino Le Thwenny. Picture: Supplied

Youth Day: Hip hop duo Stino Le Thwenny's upward career comes with challenges

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Jun 16, 2021

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As young artists in the country, hip hop duo “Stino Le Thwenny” have captured South African listeners’ hearts by offering authentic music that people can relate to, but their plan to push forward also comes with challenges.

The “Mshimane 2.0” hitmakers, who hail from Bloemfontein, chatted to IOL Entertainment about their upward career and challenges they face as youth in the industry.

Tell us about your sound?

We’re from Bloemfontein and that's exactly what our sound screams – Bloem! Also, we love South African music, we are blessed we're from here. We incorporate a lot of that but in our own little way.

When and how did you realise that music was your future?

The moment we saw people sang along to our songs, both as individuals and together. When people genuinely like the music, without even knowing you. It's a humbling feeling. Humble is good.

What are some of the challenges faced by you and other young people today?

For us, our goal is introducing a new sound to the industry. It's going to be difficult getting everyone on it because it's new and it's kind of like changing the culture a bit. There are a lot of other challenges as a young musician.

There are contracts involved, fast decisions in a fast industry, capital, uniqueness. Can you stand out? Can you be authentic?

Can we relate to your music? There are a lot of challenges, you just have to know what you want.

Who are your role models in the industry?

There are a lot of people we look up to for different reasons. We look up to those artists who keep it original and stick to their sound like Sho Madjozi, King Monada, Okmalumkoolkat and the amapiano fraternity.

Then we look up to the pioneers of hip hop and those who really paved the way for us and proving it’s really possible to be very successful within the genre like K.O, Khuli Chana, Kwesta, Major league.

And of course the ones who made us fall in love with music like Tkzee, HHP, Tuks, Msawawa, Prokid, Skwatta Camp, Morafe.

How do you stay grounded and focused?

We know what we want, and I think being away from the public and the drama is what helps us. Staying disciplined and focusing on the plan is very important to us. It is like we took an oath.

Your biggest achievement?

Our biggest achievement thus far is having three hit songs on high rotation on a national platform. Songs that feature some of our idols.

We have “Tsele” featuring Kwesta. We have “Mshimane 2.0” featuring K.O, Khuli Chana and Major League DJs.

“Buyile” which is a song by Khuli Chana featuring Stino Le Thwenny, Tyler ICU and Lady Du. This really shows we are doing good and are up to greater heights.

What does Youth Day mean for you?

It's a constant reminder that youth are the future.

It reminds us that as youth, if we stick together, we'll be heard.

It’s a reminder that what happened in 1976 did not happen for nothing. We must continue fighting for what we believe in.

Some motivation for young artists?

Be real, be authentic, be believable.

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