Marisha talked and played a good game but her confidence was her kryptonite. Picture: Supplied
Marisha talked and played a good game but her confidence was her kryptonite. Picture: Supplied

Assumption is the mother of all f*** ups as Marisha’s flame is extinguished in ‘Survivor SA: Immunity Island’

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published Jul 22, 2021

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Talk about irony. Right before the much-anticipated merger in episode eight of “Survivor SA: Immunity Island”, Marisha found an immunity idol perched on a tree.

With the help of Renier, it was retrieved with him as its safe keeper in that particular alliance at Vuna (orange).

Not long after, the buffs fell for the third and final time. And it was now an individual game as the Osindile tribe was forged.

Every castmate was ecstatic to have made it this far. But the game was far from over.

Host Nico Panagio’s words, “Play hard, play smart, play to win”, played continuously on many mindsets.

While most of them merrily tucked into the merger feast to replenish their energy for what lay ahead, a few were observant - Chappies being the sneakier in how he did it.

But his so-called stealthy search for an immunity idol at the merger didn’t go unnoticed.

A chuffed Anesu revealed: “The next part of the game has begun. I’m so excited. It’s about to get saucy and spicy.

“And this next part of the game is where I let loose and play the game I want to play.”

An unusual bonding moment between Chappies and Wardah. Picture: Supplied

This brings us to Shaun, who didn’t take too kindly to Chappies disregarding a tribe agreement about not discussing what went down with the family videos during their Mexican feast, with any Zamba (green) members.

In unpacking all the details, he got Wardah quite emotional.

After eating to their heart’s content, everyone headed to their new camp, which got an upgrade, too, with food and a chicken coop. That latter wasn’t welcome by the vegans in the group.

Feeling empowered by his ability to take away someone’s vote and influence the outcome at their first tribal council as Osindile, Anela was like the cat that swallowed the canary.

Not only that, he felt like planting a few red herrings to throw someone off their game.

Shaun and Anela plotting in secret. Picture: Supplied

That gullible someone happened to be Chappies, who went on a wild goose chase following clues that led to nothing.

At the immunity challenge, Kiran proved his mettle as the winner and, given his closeness with Tyson, he sent him to immunity island.

Meanwhile, Santoni, who is the famed double-agent at camp, used her “free agent” status to make a play of her own.

Unfortunately, it meant throwing Tyson under the bus as she let certain individuals in on the fact that he is in possession of another immunity idol.

She was also riled by Marisha’s confidence and took great exception to Marisha dictating her longevity in the game.

Meanwhile, Chappies was busy strategising.

Aside from finding a spot where he was privy to conversations without individuals being aware of his presence, he was chuffed to have an ace up his sleeve - an immunity bracelet - which he secured at the start of the game.

It was deception at every turn for Chappies and he knew it.

Kiran, pictured with Nico Panagio, chuffed to win the immunity challenge after the merger. Picture: Supplied

What proved to be a major blindside, though, was a few individuals being very presumptuous of the outcome while others were foolishly hasty in using their lifeline in the game.

Despite the unanimity in voting Chappies out, Anela chose to take his vote while Tyson played his immunity idol and Renier bequeathed the one in his possession to Nicole.

It was the latter play that proved tragic as it was Marisha who found her flame extinguished. And to think it was her who found it but never got to use it. That must hurt.

But there is a consolation prize - she will now be the first member of the jury.

She said: “I’m disappointed obviously, I wanted to stay until the end. But they had a plan and they had the better plan.

“This ‘Survivor’ experience definitely changed my life and I realize family is the most important thing in the world and I’m taking that home with me.”

Talk about upsets, I foresee more to come in the next episode. Chappies was underestimated and he’s not done playing everyone and the game.

“Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island” airs on M-Net (DStv channel 101) on Thursday at 8.30pm.

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