Qieän’s torch was put out on ’Survivor SA: Immunity Island’. Picture: Supplied
Qieän’s torch was put out on ’Survivor SA: Immunity Island’. Picture: Supplied

Selfish behaviour seals Qieän’s fate in 'Survivor SA: Immunity Island'

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published Jul 15, 2021

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Following the aftermath of Dino’s exit, Tyson was quite chuffed by the turn of events at Zamba (green).

Achieving the epitome of revenge, was cause for celebration.

He proudly declared: “This was my moment.”

Meanwhile, Anela, who was saved after being sent off to Immunity Island, tried to ingratiate himself with his fellow castmates by revealing that a clue hinted at a merger being close.

But Wardah wasn’t buying anything he says.

In the diary session, she ranted: “He will continue to have a target on his back until I get rid of him.”

Back at Vuna’s (orange) camp, everyone seems to be in high spirits. Then again, with them constantly winning the rewards and challenges, how could they be anything but comfortable and secure right now.

Meanwhile, Chappies and Renier forged an alliance despite being at odds over the ratio of the social and physical elements of the game.

After agreeing to disagree, both walked away feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Vuna won a Mexican feast and margaritas. Picture: Supplied

But Renier wasn’t easily fooled, even though he played along. When the time comes, he confirmed he will happily draw his “minion sword” in battle.

Ahead of the first challenge, Qieän was fast becoming the most unpopular person at Zamba.

Her first blunder was deciding to eat her treats (secured during her time at Vuna) in front of her hungry tribe members.

Santoni was unimpressed and Wardah was shocked and enraged by her selfishness and inability to read the room.

In Thursday’s episode, the reward and immunity challenged were combined.

And the castaways were positively drooling when host Nico Panagio revealed they were playing for a Mexican feast, which included refreshing margaritas.

Ahead of the puzzle challenge, which kicked off in the water, Santoni bawled her eyes out.

It was a trigger from the past one, where Chappies had to rush in and help her as she struggled in the turbulent waters.

Nico assured her, he would be her guardian should anything go pearshaped again.

And everyone offered her soothing words of encouragement.

Once again, Vuna proved unbeatable.

Anela received an extended lifeline once again. Picture: Supplied

And Anela, thanks to his alliances with certain Vuna members, found himself saved once again, which didn’t sit well with his fellow teammates.

Qieän knew the writing was on the wall. Accidentally spilling over the rice sealed her fate.

Meanwhile, Vuna members were not only gorging on delicious cuisine - their spirit was bolstered by messages from their loved ones back home.

There was not a single dry eye at the table.

Even Anela got to enjoy the same experience by himself. He wasn’t complaining, though.

At tribal council, he wasn’t smiling through as Qieän and Wardah had a go at him. Wardah felt he had a fragile ego.

Despite being the target of much animosity, he remained calm and refused to be baited by either of them.

The girls didn’t pull any punches at tribal council. Picture: Supplied

In the end, Qieän’s time was up and she said her tearful goodbyes.

She admitted: “Nothing can ever prepare you for this moment of how you feel.”

She felt like, despite wanting to have played more games, she conquered.

By the way, next week’s episode should be interesting as the merger finally arrives and it will be each man for himself.

“Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island” airs on M-Net (DStv channel 101) on Thursday at 8.30pm.

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