Make-up artist Alana du Plooy. Picture: Instagram
Make-up artist Alana du Plooy. Picture: Instagram

Make-up is more than cosmetics

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Jul 31, 2021

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“That’s one of the things I love about make-up. You can change your whole attitude by just doing your eyeliner or lipstick differently.” – Beyoncé

So many people perceive make-up to be a cover-up.

Products simply used to conceal and beautify.

There are many women who spend a small fortune on make-up products, brushes and sponges, not for the sake of vanity but to use as a form of expression, artistry and skill.

A lick of red lipstick is an instant “pick-me-up” while being able to master the perfect wing liner can leave you with a sense of achievement! It’s the little things that boost your confidence.

Make-up brings out the artist in you. The elaborate cut crease and perfectly blended contours are both an expression of creativity and masterful application. A skill that either comes naturally to you or by years of practice.

So often men think that it’s a tool to attract their attention but many women will tell you that 90% of the time it’s for themselves. To highlight their features, to have a bit and for some it’s a bit of a confidence booster.

Professional make-up artist, Alana du Plooy, is in agreement that make-up is more than just a cover-up.

Make-up artist Alana du Plooy. Picture: Instagram

“Make-up plays a significant role in a woman's life. It inspires women to embrace their beauty in all its glory. To embrace our moods, our style and our individuality as a female using this beautiful art of make-up,” says du Plooy.

In 2018 this Cape Town based make-up artist decided to follow her dream in pursuing her own business and created The Travelling Artist offering a variety of services in the beauty industry to all women in SA.

She designed a unique make-up class called The Basic Beauty Workshop , which specifically focuses on teaching women how to achieve a beauty look using their own products and enhancing their natural features as well as educating women on which products to invest in so as to eliminate unnecessary spending and having women feel overwhelmed with certain make-up techniques.

Alana runs The Basic Beauty Workshop for women who want to learn more about make-up. Picture: Instagram

“The perception of what beauty is on social media can be extremely intimidating for women who want to start exploring with make-up. My Basic Beauty Workshops guide and encourage women and empower them with the knowledge they would need to enhance their natural features and spoil themselves to feel fabulous inside and out.”

She hosts workshops for big corporations. Picture: Instagram

Du Plooy is known for building great relationships with her clients who have become so loyal to her as an artist over the years.

Having sat in her make-up chair a few times, one get’s a true sense of her passion and love for beauty.

The time and love she invests in each client speaks volumes for her work and it is rare that you would find a make-up artist who respects and adores natural beauty.

She's also branched out in hosting workshops for corporations in Cape Town and has been a guest speaker sharing her beauty tips for many events working alongside Cosmetix SA as one of her main sponsors.

Apart from her workshops Du Plooy continues her work as an artist through engagement shoots, bridal party applications, maternity shoots, newborn shoots, matric ball looks as well as editorials and portrait shoots.

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