Cyril Ramaphosa with Ye’s haircut. Picture: Twitter
Cyril Ramaphosa with Ye’s haircut. Picture: Twitter

Who did this? Photoshop expert gives President Cyril Ramaphosa the Kanye haircut

By Thobile Mazibuko Time of article published Oct 21, 2021

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American rapper and producer Kanye West (now Ye) seems to get everybody talking about everything he does. If it’s not the masks, then it’s his unique sense of fashion.

The music sensation has been trending on social media after revealing his new haircut.

In a photo with over 1.8 million likes on Instagram, the rapper showed his new haircut that looks like an unfinished product. If anything, it looks like someone randomly patched the hair into his scalp.

While some of his fans seem to like the haircut, Twitter folks saw it as an opportunity to poke fun at people.

They even went as far as photoshopping the image. Someone photoshopped American singer and songwriter Stevie Wonder as the barber.

Another Twitter user, @RealMrumaDrive, well-known on Twitter for his photoshop skills, took it to the next level when he photoshopped President Cyril Ramaphosa into Ye’s haircut.

What is not shocking about Ye’s haircut is that he used to do similar haircuts in the past. The only difference is that the previous ones seem to have a better shape than the one he currently wears.

Singer and dancer Chris Brown also took a shot at Ye for his haircut. The Undecided hitmaker posted a picture of Ye’s haircut on his Instagram story and wrote: “He asked the barber for the f&*$#d up worldwide fade. Ni**a wanna make 'what the f&*k' in style. He got the punishment haircut."

Below are more reactions to Ye’s haircut.

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