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George R R Martin reveals he finished Elden Ring game ’years ago’

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Jun 23, 2021

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George R. R. Martin finished his work on 'Elden Ring' "years ago".

The 'Game of Thrones' author has opened up on his contributions to FromSoftware's upcoming fantasy sequel, which was revealed with a full trailer during E3.

Speaking to radio station WWTW during a visit to Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, he said: "The game is called the 'Elden Ring' and it's a sequel to a video game that came out a few years ago called 'Dark Souls'.

"My work on it was actually done years ago. These games, they're like movies, they take a long time to develop.

"Basically they wanted a world created to set the game in, they wanted worldbuilding."

The writer explained how he "worked up a fairly detailed background", and then handed over the reigns to the developer.

He added: "They would come in periodically and show me some monsters they designed or the latest special effects... but the game has been very slowly developing and now it's coming out in January, I believe.

"I'll be as excited as anybody else to see it."

Game director Hidetaka Miyazaki recently opened up about Martin's involvement, and his impact on the development.

He told IGN: Martin himself was very open to us prioritising the game systems and leaving out anything we didn't want to explore - but it ended up not being like that.

"It ended up being a huge source of inspiration and impetus for the design of the game, so the world building and the systems went hand-in-hand."

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