Saint Basil Cathedral, Moscow
Saint Basil Cathedral, Moscow

Why you should visit Moscow - capital city of the biggest country in the world

By Brandstories Time of article published Jun 11, 2021

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Moscow is the capital city of the Russian Federation, the “heart” of the country.

It is the largest Russian city both in terms of its territory – Moscow takes 2 511 км² - and in terms of its population: there are almost 12 million of people living there, only by official account which, as many experts insist, grossly underestimates the real numbers. In any case, Moscow is the most populated city in Europe.

There is always something going on in Russia’s capital city – concerts, sport events, exhibitions, guided tours, art performances, theatrical shows and more. If you happen to be in Russia’s capital but are not in the mood to join an event, even walking the streets can be an enjoyable experience, as the city’s view is the real eye-candy.

There are over 120 parks in Moscow. The picturesque Moskva River flows through the city with a beautiful medieval fortress, standing on one of its shores – the Moscow Kremlin (Kremlin means “citadel” in ancient Russian), which rises above the Red Square.

The Red Square has seen numerous glorious moments of Russian history. On the 7 November 1941, as the Nazi forces were closing in on Moscow, the Red Army held a historic military parade that became a symbol of the everlasting will of Soviet people to protect their Motherland. This will allowed them to win the Battle of Moscow and eventually defeat the Nazi Germany along with its satellites. There, on the Red Square, the very first Victory Parade was held in 1945.

Moscow is among the most beautiful cities in Europe. Even its underground is picturesque. Underneath the city lies the famous Moscow Metro – one of the most beautiful subways in the world. It includes 278 stations which earns Moscow Metro a place among the world’s 10 largest subways.

If you are planning to visit Russia one day, Moscow is definitely a must-see. It is a city where rich history and modern-day technologies merge, bringing an unparalleled tourist experience. If you visit Moscow once it will remain in your heart forever.

I love Moscow sculpture.

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