Women say they are saving money on makeup since the pandemic hit. REUTERS/Fredy Builes (COLOMBIA - Tags: FASHION)
Women say they are saving money on makeup since the pandemic hit. REUTERS/Fredy Builes (COLOMBIA - Tags: FASHION)

Women are saving money on make-up since the pandemic hit

By Shanice Naidoo Time of article published Sep 25, 2021

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Cape Town - With mouths covered by masks, some women have let their eye make-up do the talking and given their lipsticks a rest.

The lipsticks that would last for one month, are now stretched over a number of months. The foundation that took minutes to put on is no longer in the equation. Some women are now getting ready faster because those steps have now taken a back seat, as masks seem like they’re here to stay.

Make-up wearer Sherona Singh said since the pandemic hit she has managed to save money because she no longer has to worry about that make-up budget.

“I still sometimes put on concealer and maybe a nude lip but hardly. It takes me faster to get ready now as well.”

Since the pandemic started, Sharne Abrahams has stopped her usual make-up routine, after acne caused by wearing a mask.

“I've had to start using Zinplex tablets for my breakout. The only make-up I buy is eyebrow pencil and mascara. I now only do makeup on special occasions, which is basically once every three months.”

For Valecia Swano, she has had to spend more on facial products because of mask-wearing and skin reaction.

“I didn't buy any makeup products for this year. I am still using what I bought in 2020 before lockdown and the mask becoming a must wear. I only wear make-up when attending Zoom meetings.”

Make-up artist Tebogo Senne advised that the best way to work around wearing makeup, while wearing a mask, is to stick to matte lipstick and super stay foundations.

“A lot of people are doing make-up on themselves now. There aren’t as many clients as before. There are fewer events now and people do not have much reason to hire someone to do their make-up.”

Tracey Rass said she stopped wearing make-up as it's a waste.

“Not even setting spray keeps it on or it doesn't last long enough and then smudges. The occasion must be really intimate and special for me to paint my face. I do, however, have eyelash extensions, which makes up for the no more make-up.”

Covid-19 hit the make-up industry badly, said make-up artist Tershia Nel.

“It only started in September to pick up where women started to make bookings again for occasions. There will always be a need for make-up because it is nice to have but the economy,” said Nel.

Terri-Ann Brouwers said, “I definitely have saved money on lipstick, but not because of mask wearing. You get matte lipsticks that are mask proof so that’s what I use. However, I have saved money because I don’t go out as much as I used to, so I’m wearing way less make-up and lipstick than before.”

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